Business FAQ's - Association Program

  1. What is the Association Program?

    The Association Program has been designed to help Associations send more customers to their Members. By participating in this program, they will both receive more benefits than regular listed businesses. Learn more about all the benefits to your Association and your Members.

  2. Who is eligible for this program?

    Any Association relevant to the Search4Accountants categories, in New Zealand, is eligible.

  3. How can my Association participate in this program?

    If your Association is not yet listed on Search4Accountants, please list your Association for free. Once listed, please contact us to request to participate in the program.

  4. How can our Members enter this program?

    Ask your Members to list for free. Once listed, they can select your Association from their Members Area.

  5. How much does it cost to participate in this program?

    There are no obligations and no costs for your Association.

  6. How can my Association earn revenue from this program?

    To know more about this feature, please contact us.

  7. What are the features and benefits of a Gold Listing?

    Click here to view all features and benefits of our Gold Listing.

  8. How can my Association receive a free upgrade to a Gold Listing?

    To receive a free upgrade to a Gold Listing, you need to:

    • List your Association on Search4Accountants; and
    • Link from your Association website to Search4Accountants.

    To learn more about how to link to Search4Accountants, please contact us to participate in the program. We will guide you through the process, verify the link on your website and upgrade your listing to Gold for free.

  9. How long will my Association receive this Gold Listing for free?

    Your Association will remain on the Gold Listing for free as long as you link from your Association website to the Search4Accountants website.

  10. How do our Members receive their 15% discount?

    Contact us to participate in the program and receive the discount code specific to your Association. Once you receive this discount code, send it to your Members together with the link to our Packages page:

  11. What packages can our Members select to upgrade at 15% off?

    Your Members can use their 15% discount code to upgrade to any package. View our featured options here.

  12. What is the validity of this discount code?

    This discount code will be valid indefinitely and can be used to upgrade to any of our Featured packages. We will check that the listing using this discount code is one of your Members.

  13. Does the 30-day money back guarantee still work if Members upgrade with the 15% discount code?


  14. What are the benefits of an Association Listing Page?

    When participating in the program, Associations will receive an Association Listing Page which will result in:

    • Increased exposure on search results - show your Association logo and title on our search results and be found through our advanced search filters
    • Increased exposure on Members Listing Pages - show your Association logo and title with a link back to your Association Listing Page
    • Increased leads – the extra exposure and benefits your Association will receive will help you and your Members receive more leads
    • Adding your Members on your Associations Listing Page
    • Receiving new Membership requests from your Listing Page.

Date Update: 22-03-2022 8:38 pm